Checklist for Structural Equation Modelling

Checklist for Structural Equation Modelling

Here I present a checklist for robust structural equation modeling (SEM) in research articles.
1. Data cleaning

2. Check normality of data

3. Check for response bias

4. Develop a measurement model
4.1. Exploratory factor analysis
4.2. Confirmatory factor analysis
4.3. Correlations among latent factors
4.4. Convergent and divergent validity checks
4.5. Reliability checks
4.6. Descriptive statistics of latent factors

5. Common method bias check

6. Estimate structural equation model

If you are interested in multi-group SEM modelling, the following has to be considered.
7. Measurement invariance check

8. Multi-group CFA

9. Multi-group SEM

Videos on Structural Equation Modelling using R (lavaan package) will soon be available in our youtube channel.

You may consider the following books for learning SEM:

Dr. Ziaul Haque Munim is Associate Professor in Maritime Logistics at the  University of South-Eastern Norway. His main research interests include maritime logistics, transport economics, supply chain management and international business. He received the Best Paper Award at the IAME 2016 Conference in Hamburg, and the Best Young Researcher Award at the IAME 2018 Conference in Mombasa. Follow his research on ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

Ziaul’s published articles using SEM:
  1. Reward crowdfunding contribution as planned behaviour: An extended framework

  2. The impacts of port infrastructure and logistics performance on economic growth: the mediating role of seaborne trade

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