How To Increase The Visibility Of A Published Article?

For academics, the goal is not only to publish their name in print but to make an impact in society and scientific community.  For this purpose, published research has to be disseminated properly. Most journals do disseminate their published articles in many ways, but authors can boost dissemination of their research. Often, well-disseminated research leads to higher citations. Here, we present a few tips on increasing visibility of your published article.

  • First of all, update your publication in Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Mendeley, ORCID. All of these are free to register and use.
  • Cite your paper in your other papers, whenever appropriate!
  • Post a preprint/postprint on arXiv/similar repository. But before doing so, check accepted preprint/postprint guideline by your journal at SHERPA.
  • Bring a pile of reprints to your next conference.
  • Write a press release together with the press office of your university.
  • Send announcements out on an appropriate email list.
  • Put a copy of your paper in any academic lunch room you happen to visit.
  • Pin a copy of the first page to the brag section in your own common room noticeboard.
  • Give a short (free) talk about your paper on campus, with snacks of course!
  • Give a lecture on the topic to your senior class, and include it in your exam.
  • Get your post-graduates to review / supplement your paper for marks.
  • Add the title to the CV on your home page under “Recent Publications”, with a link.
  • Announce the publication on LinkedIn, and even on FaceBook.
  • Go through the RG questions asked by others & share your relevant published article link as answer to the questions. Doing this not only can increase your article’s visibility but also helping others in need.
  • Finally, you can make a video on the methodology used in your paper and upload it on ResearchHUB youtube channel. If interested, please contact our team at

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  1. Erik Lankut

    I would also recommend to send your preprint/postprint paper to contacts you get from conferences, workshops etc. Informative list.

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