How to verify your Medical Certificates by EPIC or ECFMG?

EPIC or ECFMG verification is the first step to get license and practice medicine abroad. Countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Scandinavia and other European countries requires credentials to be verified by ECFMG. Through some recent changes, this verification has turned into a complete online process including a slight raise of fees. This procedure might seem a little complicated to some but proceeding systematically is actually all you need.

You must have:

  1. A verified, secured and easily accessible e-mail account for communication.
  2. Scanned copy of your Final Medical School Transcript. This is the transcript of all the professional examination together in one page. You get this from your medical college.
  3. Scanned copy of your Final Medical Diploma. This is the certificate you get from the University under which your medical college functions. If your institution is independent, you will get it from there.
  4. If you had achieved any advanced degree after completing your graduation, scanned copy of the certification of that degree.
  5. All credentials must be in English.
  6. Scan copy of your passport.
  7. 2 copies of your colored, clear photographs not clicked more than six months back. More about on how the photograph should and should not be : .
  8. A sum of total around 500 USD.
  9. A bank account with debit/credit card for online payment.
  10. A skype ID for online notary service.


  1. Open an EPIC account: Go to the EPIC website ( where you will find the option “establish an EPIC account”. If you already don’t have an account, create one by simply following the steps. Once you have applied, they will send you a temporary username and password to login EPIC physician portal, which you will change as your convenience later. This might take up to three business days, but you will get a confirmatory email right after they received your request.
  2. Once you get the temporary username and password, login to the portal with it and change it to a username and password you can remember. You have an EPIC account now.
  3. After opening the account, they will mail you your EPIC identification number which you will need for further processing.
  4. Login to your account where you will find an EPIC Identification Form (EIF) at “My Identity Documents” tab at your account.
  5. Download this EIF and certify it by NotaryCam at These are licensed notaries to certifying your ID that can meet EPIC standards.
  6. Once received your request you will get a mail from NotaryCam to get online appointment with one of their notaries. You will have to fix a date with them for online notary. Ask for another date if you are not available at the date given by them. All the communication will be via e-mail.
  7. On the date set by the licensed notary, sit with your passport at your side. This will be a skype session where they will talk to you and ask you to show your passport (The page with your photograph and information). They are usually very friendly, so nothing to be worried about.
  8. After the session they will send ECFMG your EIF for verification.
  9. Once verified your EIF you will get it electronically via mail. You will have your photograph and the photographed page of your passport printed on it.
  10. You can now upload your credentials for verification from your EPIC account. Go to “My Credentials” and then “Upload Credentials.” Upload the certificates you want to verify. There is specific fee for each credential (90 USD for each). If you need to send your verified credential to any Organization, (for example General Medical Council or GMC in case of students planning to sit for PLAB) mention it in the relevant field. EPIC will send your credentials to them after verification.
  11. You will receive a confirmatory mail from EPIC once they have received your application.
  12. EPIC will send the certificates to your medical college/school. You should update your institution about your application.
  13. Verification process usually takes time which might vary from country to country.

Please Notice:

  • There are fees for every steps of verification. Opening account (this includes your online notary fees also), uploading credentials, courier service fees etc. To know more about fees, go to Online payment is the only possible payment method.
  • All communication will take place via e-mail. Please make a relevant folder in you e-mail and keep all the conversation from EPIC/ECFMG there.
  • Make another folder at your desktop and keep your scanned copy of passport, scanned copies of your credentials, EIF or Epic Identification form, and copies of your photograph there.
  • Write down your EPIC username and password along with the security questions with answers, in a safe diary/notepad. Do not share it with others or keep them on your phone.
  • Please notify your medical school about your application. EPIC will send the certificates for primary verification over there.
  • You can track the progress on your EPIC account.
  • If you choose DHL as a way to courier to your medical school, you will have to track them through the Tracking ID as well.

This process sounds very complicated but is actually not. Just go through every step one by one and be fair. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY FALSE INFORMATION, FALSE CERTIFICATION OR ANY OTHER KIND OF FALSIFICATION. This is very important as every falsified action is easily traceable now.

Good Luck!!


This is a ResearchHUB original post (15.07.2019) by Dr. Tehjeeb Noor. Follow her research gate profile here

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