Free Plagiarism Checker. Free tool to detect plagiarism.

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Free Plagiarism Checker is a simple and free tool that can detect plagiarism and copy and paste it into any text. Very easy to use, you will be able to launch a first check of the originality of a text, with a simple click.

In the age of the Internet and widespread copy and paste, it has become commonplace to check by the inevitable Google if a particular sentence or part of a text is not simply a pure plagiarism of an author. To go further than Google, you also have the possibility to use tools dedicated to the search for plagiarism. I presented a good list on the site.

Free Plagiarism Checker is a new alternative. It has the advantage of being completely free. Less powerful than dedicated professional tools, this solution will be sufficient for many uses.

The tool works like a plagiarism scanner. The use is crystal clear. Just paste on the homepage the text you want to check. The only limit is the length of the text. It must not exceed 1500 words. It’s already not bad. No need to register. Once your text is entered, one click is enough to start the verification. Count a good minute and the result will be displayed to the right of your original text. You’ll also get an overall rate of duplicate text.

Free Plagiarism Checker also provides you with a list of the main online resources containing all or part of your text. For a more detailed analysis, you can also click on one of the sentences in your document, you will then get the links to resources containing similar sentences.

The quality of the results cannot match that of more powerful and elaborate plagiarism detection tools, but this already gives a first indication of the quality of the text under consideration.

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