Planning to pursue PhD in Japan? Here’s a typical PhD life in Japan

Here you find a simplified version of a typical (80-90%) PhD student life at The University of Tokyo, Japan briefed by a ResearchHUB team member who is about to finish his PhD soon.

(a) 8:00-9:00: Wake up, shower and breakfast.

(b) 9:00-10:00: Study Japanese Language

(c) 10:00-11:00: In train, going to the university (This time is chosen to avoid rush hour), review one literature or replying to all emails and fb/line or other messenger texts while sitting or standing idle in train.

(d) 11:00-20:00: Lab, Research etc. (However, when deadline approaches, ,mostly stay much longer until late night, can’t go out by 20:00)

(e) 20:00-21:00: Again in train to come back home (Now mostly sleepy or just replying to messenger texts)

(f) 21:00-22:30: Go to Gym, Chilling with nice music while running on treadmill and some other exercise, sometimes yoga

(g) 22:30-23:30: At home, shower, dinner etc.

(h) 23:30-24:00: Calling home, friends etc.

(i) 24:00-8:00: Sleeping Time

On Weekends:
Sat. Day: Mostly relaxing and chilling with movies, drinking and dining out, reading in café, meeting hobby friends, going meet up, sometimes salsa at latin bar etc.

Sun Day: Mostly at home, cleaning, laundry, cooking etc.* However, under deadline pressure, also go to lab on weekends (this is the most usual case in reality)

by Jubair Ahmed Shamim
PhD Candidate, The University of Tokyo

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  1. Rozanna rujim

    Hello Dr, Im interested to further my phD in japan for early childhood education course. Yet, I dont know which university in japan offer that course. If you dont mind, can you please help me to lists the name of the university that offers ECE in Japan. Thank you very much Dr.. Really appreciate it.

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