Study MSc in Maritime in Norway: From a flying Albatross to a running Moose

At first, I apologise for painting a picture of a four-legged animal in the readers’ mind – I cannot find other options for a perfect analogy. Probably because I have seen too much road signs saying “Reindeer ahead” in Norway. Reindeers (Moose) can’t decide if to cross the road and run franticly – almost what I often do myself. Anyways,

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Studying Masters in Microsystem and Nanotechnology in Norway

I have been asked many times how I ended up studying a Master’s in Microsystem and Nanotechnology in Norway. In truth, Norway was not the primary choice for studying abroad. But I was always captivated by Europe though. Therefore, countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden occupied the preferred spots on my list. It would seem very dramatic when I say one

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PhD life in Norway

It almost never came across my mind to pursue my PhD study in Norway. As an academician in the field of accounting/management, my “only knowledge” of pursuing a doctoral study is to countries such as the US, the UK, or Australia. Not only its beautiful nature and scenery, but Norway also offers high-quality education and a unique student experience that

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