World’s Top 10 Medical Universities

Here we present the top 10 medical universities of the world based on subject-wise (i.e. medicine) QS World University Ranking 2017.

  1. Harvard University

Being Americas oldest institution for higher study and consists of around 30,000 students from around the world, Harvard ranks top among the medical universities of world. This private university has been spreading the light of knowledge and high-quality research for more than 100 years. Personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Barak Obama and Michelle Obama studied at the university. It scores 100 on academic reputation and has a perfect score of 100 citations per paper.

  1. Oxford University

This distinguished university has been ranked at the second position with a very high research field and focusing on comprehensive study. It is also numbered sixth among all universities of world. Along with an appealing campus around the Thames river, having some of best bars and cinemas in the country, the university stands with a public status and around 19720 students. It has 94.2 citations per paper and scores 98.8 in academic reputation with graduate employability ranking of number 8.

  1. University of Cambridge

The home to 65 noble prize winners, the university has been ranked number 3 in medicine due to their high QS score in anatomy and physiology. The center is also noticeably competitive in many specialism and ranks number three in the world. The public university has around 19,672 students with a very high-quality research hub. The university has scored in the field of academic reputation 99.6 and has 91.5 citations per paper.

  1. Johns Hopkins University

With a supreme nursing, life sciences and medicine, anatomy and physiology as subjects, this university has ranked as 4th best medical university and 17th best university in the world. The private university situated at Baltimore, Maryland has 24000 student numbers and an exquisite field for research activity. The university has scored 91.6 in academic reputation and has a 96.2 citations per paper

  1. Stanford University

Situated at Silicon Valley in California, the university has number 1 graduate employability. It has 15,878 students and tagged by certain researcher, influencers and tech entrepreneurs of our generation including Elon Musk, Sergei Brin, Peter Thiel, John Kennedy and Larry Page. It has scored 87.6 on academic reputation and has 99.4 citations per paper.

  1. Karolinska Institutet

A Stockholm based university with a fascinating opportunity for both undergraduate and post graduate students. The university scores 97.7 in academic reputation and has around 91.1 citations per paper. The university has around 7786 students among which a great number are international students, which is also because they offer very good scholarship opportunities for those. The public university has a very high research prospect together they have responsibility for designating Nobel Laureates in physiology or medicine and the students are benefitted by their off and on campus lectures and seminars.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles

The university has 99.4 academic score and ranks #2 in graduate employability rating. Subjects like biological sciences, medicine and physiology, got the university to rank number 7 in medicine and number 31st best university of the world.

  1. Yale University

The university scores 98.5 in academic reputation with an outstanding performance in providing research opportunities to its students and faculties. The citation stands for 100 per paper which is magnificent and a good platform for researchers.

Total number of student of this private university is 12,402 with an admirable campus located in Connecticut. This more than 100 years old university has been ranked number 18 in graduate employment rating.

  1. UCL (University College London)

Located on central London, the university provides a wide range of subjects to choose from with excellency in medicine, education and training, and law. The public university has a very high research profile with 94.8 citations per paper.Total number of students are 31,080 and 14000 of whom are International. It has an academic reputation of 100 and number 17 on graduate employability rate.

  1. University of California, San Francisco

Ranked as number 10th top medicine university. UCSF has created a new era in American biomedicine and medical education by creating new opportunities for research on health policy, oncogenes, prions, and the AIDS epidemic. It has 93.9 citations per paper and stands proudly with academic score of 97.8.


By Tehjeeb Noor 

Chattagram  Maa-O-Sishu Hospital Medical College, Bangladesh

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